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Inspiration for the Holidays

🎄A Festive Explosion of Inspiration & Creativity!

✨It's here! Are you ready for a creativity boost? To feel encouraged and uplifted? I have the perfect magazine for you!

✨This Inspired Life Magazine highlights a community of creatives who share their art, writings, crafts, recipes, and hearts. You’ll find these pages offer a wonderland of imagination and soul. The magazine’s mission is to inspire readers with stories of hope and encouragement and to spark the creative spirit in all of us.

❤️ I’d love for you to read it and support these inspiring stories. Share it with someone you know who could use a smile or a laugh or a feel-good afternoon of fun holiday reading.

What's in this edition?

✨Fabulous articles about life, time travel, unique gifts, self-care, baking, cooking, traditions, health & wellness, inspiring lives, what to read and listen to this season, and more!

📚 Fascinating Q&A with novelist Sean McMahon @restarterlodge

✨Random acts of kindness, self-love tips, dazzling lore surrounding opals & inspiring articles by Natalie Banks @officialnataliebanks and Cara Nadolny @lowercasegirl

⛄️ Read lifestyle & holiday articles by Jeanne Arnold  @jeannesbooks Becky Jackson @cabin_granny Barbara Delinsky @barbaradelinsky and Ruth Yunker @ruth.yunker

🐧 Find fitness motivation by Lanie Mores @laniemores

🧁 Try the holiday recipes by Jennifer Moorman @jennifer7478 and Ashley @wellwithashley


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