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mystic water series

The Baker's Man Jennifer Moorman

magical realism

The Magic All Around, Jennifer Moorman

folklore & myths

Nina, the Bear's Child, Jennifer Moorman



Delight in a town where anything can happen—and usually does.

The Mystic Water series can be read in order or willy-nilly. Each book is a standalone, but you'll find
Easter eggs, like beloved character returns and magical elements connected with threads throughout.

The Baker's Man Jennifer Moorman.jpg

The Baker's Man

Book 1


In the Southern town of Mystic Water, magic is always in the wind—and in the ovens.

What if you found the recipe to bake the perfect man? Anna, a small-town Southern baker, creates a man out of dough and her life turns upside down.

The Necessity of Lavender Tea, Mystic Water Series, Jennifer Moorman

The Necessity of Lavender Tea

Book 2


What if you could see the future but were warned not to interfere?


Kate can see the future, but she is forbidden to try and alter anything, even if she can see a way to change it. In this coming of age story, Kate has a vision that proves some rules need to be broken.

*previously titled Little Blackbird

A Slice of Courage Quiche, Mystic Water Series, Jennifer Moorman

A Slice of Courage Quiche

Book 3


What if your heart's desire feels impulsive and illogical? Do you make the leap anyway?


Tessa receives a package containing keys to a dilapidated mansion. She drains her life savings and buys it.

*previously titled Honeysuckle Hollow

Average April, Jennifer Moorman, Mystic Water Series

Average April

Mystic Water Series Short

April Chandler wakes up to find her apartment flooded, and she's terrified of deep water. 

Can she row her animals and a stranded neighbor to safety with-out capsizing a rickety rowboat? Will her unexpected gift with animals keep the passengers calm?

Companion timeline to A Slice of Courage Quiche (Mystic Water Book 3).

Magical Realism


The Magic All Around



In this enchanting novel, a treasure hunt through the past reveals one woman’s extraordinary gift for arranging the future.

Can Mattie trust the signs, open her heart again, and find her own path while learning the secrets about her family and their past?

The Vanishing of Josephine Reynolds_to JM.jpg

The Vanishing of

Josephine Reynolds


Can an entire life be erased by one thoughtless wish that changes a single moment?

Two parallel timelines start blending together—present-day and 1927—and Josephine witnesses her present life disappearing right before her eyes. She can only hope it's not too late to save her own future.

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