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Retellings of Folklore, Myth, and Magic

Journey through enchanted forests, dance barefoot
during a full moon
& catch a falling star.

This collection of folklore, myth, and magic offers imaginative retellings of stories told by our ancestors about their mysterious, fantastical beliefs in both the physical and the spiritual world.

These tales will engage the mind and delight readers looking for an entertaining, magical way to learn about our past.

Jennifer Moorman Retellings

Nina, the Bear's Child

An enchanted forest, true love, and animals that talk.

Spirited and kind, Nina is a gift of laughter and happiness to her parents. She has a talent for spreading joy everywhere she goes. Taught by her skilled parents, Nina crafts handmade clothing and furniture but not for humans. Her creations are for forest animals and fairy folk.


After her father’s unexpected death, Nina’s mother marries a local hunter in order to keep food on the table. But the hunter despises Nina and is jealous of her mother’s love for her, so Nina’s stepfather makes a wicked plan.


When Nina is trapped and left to die in the Cave of Madness, she must find a way to survive, knowing she can never return home. Nina uses her wit, kindness, and wildness to make a new life for herself among the forest animals who love her. Will Nina learn the truth about the forest magic and the power of love?


This retelling of Muin, the Bear’s Child is great for readers who enjoy folktales, fairy tales, and mystical stories about the world. Perfect for middle grade and older.

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Nina, the Bear's Child  is a gorgeous retelling robust with magic and whimsy and all heart. Nina takes you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. A story for all ages.

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Diana and the Milky Way
Coming September 10, 2024

A full moon, an extraordinary mapmaker, and a lost spirit dog.


Curious and imaginative, Diana is misunderstood by everyone in the village, including her parents. Diana has a talent for drawing, especially maps, but mapmaking isn’t a skill meant for girls. The elders in the village expect Diana to care for toddlers and scoff at her dreams of “something more.”


One full-moon night, Diana is shocked—and thrilled—to hear the moon talking to her. The moon requests Diana’s help with a significant task. The moon’s friend has lost his way home, and Diana is the only one who can assist him.


Before Diana fully understands this task, a mysterious and frightening creature breaks into all the corn storehouses in the village and eats pounds of corn. When this creature reveals himself as a great spirit dog and the moon’s lost friend, Diana must save him before the village kills him. Diana uses her imagination, mapmaking skills, and kindness to find the way home for the great spirit dog, who lights the skies for all eternity on his race to freedom.


This retelling of the Cherokee story about how the stars were born in the Milky Way galaxy is great for readers who enjoy folktales, fairy tales, and mystical stories about the world. Perfect for middle grade and older.

Diana and the Milky Way, Jennifer Moorman
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