for Book Clubs or Inquisitive Minds

I'm happy to participate in your next book club meeting. Invite me! Getting together—in person or virtually—with readers is one of the most enjoyable activities.

I'd love to attend your meeting (in the southeastern US) or via online video platforms when scheduling permits. Fill out the contact form below and let's get together. I can also provide book discounts for your club.

I also have a one-sheeter with additional information, available upon request.

Click on a cover below to download my suggested Discussion Questions!

Invite Me to Your Book Club!

If you're looking for a happy, hopeful, and cozy place to talk about books with the loveliest sorts of people, this is the place!


This book club offers members exclusive recipes, insider info, and online live discussions about my magical realism novels based in Mystic Water.

On February 20, we'll be discussing via live video the short story Full Moon June followed by Wednesday's Child, which follows the grown-up characters you meet in Full Moon June.  I'd be thrilled if you'll join us.

So . . . are you ready for a heartwarming, magical time together?

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