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The Necessity
of Lavender Tea

Coming March 14, 2023

Like most teenagers coming of age in the 1950s, Kate Muir wants the basics—rock and roll and a sense of belonging. But for Kate, one thing she can't live without is her endless supply of lavender tea.


At sixteen Kate would be happy just to blend in with her Mystic Water peers, but she has “a cursed fate,” her mama says. Kate can see the future, which makes being like everybody else nearly impossible. In spite of her special gift, Kate is forbidden to alter the future in any way, no matter what she sees. Her only chance at living a somewhat normal life is to drink lavender tea, the only remedy that stops the visions.


Kate’s older brother, Evan, is her opposite—popular, charming, everyone’s friend—and the main reason Kate isn’t completely rejected by the local kids. When Evan dies in a tragic accident, Kate withdraws into herself and becomes more of an outcast than ever before.


But a chance encounter with a young man from the most prestigious family in Mystic Water tosses Kate into a whirlwind of friendship, acceptance, and love. Just when she believes this new life might last, Kate has a terrible premonition. Will she break the rules and alter the future? At the risk of exposing her special ability, can she prevent the horrible event from happening before it’s too late?


Journey into this enchanting heart-filling tale of magical realism and the powerful changes brought on by accepting oneself. 

The Necessity of Lavender Tea Cover Jennifer Moorman

Previously titled Little Blackbird, book 2 in the Mystic Water series has been given a fantastic editorial refresh and a beautiful new cover.

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This book is about being different but yet accepting yourself for the way you are. It is also about appreciating the gifts that you have been given. It brings out so many emotions—joy, heartbreak, and loss. For me it was much more since I am half-Cherokee also. It's a lesson on accepting who you are and what you shouldn't do to make someone else happy. When you are able to learn those lessons, that's when true magic happens.
—Amazon Reviewer

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