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Inspiration for Spring

🌼A Springtime Burst of Inspiration & Creativity! 

It's here! Are you ready to feel encouraged, uplifted, and inspired? I have the perfect magazine for you! 

This Inspired Life Magazine is a digital magazine that highlights a community of creatives where they share their art, writings, crafts, recipes, and hearts.  

You'll find fantastic contributors who helped fill this spring edition with pages of imagination, heart, and soul, from our lives to yours.  

What's in this edition?

🌼Fabulous articles about life, gardening, writing, nature, illustration, baking, cooking, spring cleaning, decluttering, health & wellness, inspiring lives, what to read and listen to this season, and more! 

✨Fascinating Q&A with legacy farmer Crystal Benner @cabenner

✨Spark your creativity & passion with articles by Natalie Banks  @officialnataliebanks Nancy Moore @sharingpassionandpurpose

😃Marvel over creations by Cara Nadolny @lowercasegirl Julianne St. Clair @juliannestclair Lucy Stapylton-Smith  @lucystapyltonsmith

✨Read lifestyle & springtime stories by Elisa Fershtadt @travelisfers Deborah Whaley @wiltshirestyle Jeanne Arnold  @jeannesbooks

✨Find fitness motivation by Dr. Al Lundeen Brandie Smith  @fitgingersmith

✨Expand your heart with inspirational pieces by Leslie Zemeckis @lesliezemeckis Tia Lee  @tia_ferrell

✨Try these nostalgic recipes by Alex Moorman @alexmoorman Debra Moorman Hanelore Dumitrache @sugaryums Ashley Renken @wellwithashley Nat  @themindfulmocktail


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