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New Release Date!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Sweet Canary Jane, my next magical realism novel in the Mystic Water Series, is coming AUGUST 27!

If you love magical adventures, chocolate, and Hallmark movies, this is the perfect book for you. Cue the glitter explosion!⁣⁣

A disheartened pastry chef dreams of opening a confectionery but ends up temporarily homeless, jobless, and loveless in a new town. In a last-chance effort to put her life back together, she leans on her magical confections to change her fate.⁣⁣


These Friendship Cookies are inspired by the novel. They offer healing, relief, and restoration for heartache and broken relationships. They also encourage strength, success, and love in friendship. Recipe coming soon! 

Beautiful and magical cover designed by the immensely talented Julianne St. Clair.

Don't wait to add magic to your life.


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