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Oh, How She Shines!


The Red Velvet Cake and its original recipe are well known in the United States from New York City’s famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which has dubbed the confection Waldorf Astoria cake. For a dessert that is quite popular in the South, it's interesting that its roots are from New York City.

Since The Baker's Man is being featured at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago, with a special thanks to Bedside Reading, I wanted to create a dessert inspired by their famous Red Velvet Cake!

A white chocolate dome, decorated with a white and red chocolate mirror glaze, covers a rich, silky red velvet mousse. Nestled inside the red velvet mousse is a lighter-than-clouds cream cheese mousse. This decadent dessert is finished off with a chocolate shortbread cookie base.

This Waldorf Astoria-inspired dessert is delightful and paired with the sweet adventure you’ll find in The Baker’s Man, this is a perfect treat!

Easy, beautiful mirror glaze recipe from Dan Langan; chocolate shortbread cookie recipe adapted from King Arthur Flour recipe.


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