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Own a Piece of Magic

Own a one-of-a-kind necklace, handmade by LowercasegirlShop, creator of enchantments and gemstone jewelry.

This charmed creation is inspired by our beloved Mystic Water, a whimsical town where anything is possible and magic floats on the breeze.

Cara has crafted a gemstone key necklace with your choice of gemstone (green zircon or mystic quartz) on an 18-inch sterling silver chain. These rare magical gems are hand wrapped in silver wire and adorn a Victorian-style sterling silver key.

Special Note from Cara, owner of LowercasegirlShop:

When I think of Mystic Water, I think of a hidden magical town where the world is a bit slower and kinder. Not a town you wander into but a town that quietly invites you. A town full of magical gypsy dust, keys to sacred places, and kindness all around. Maybe only those who hold the keys can return to the enchanted and magical town of Mystic Water.



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