• Jennifer Moorman

Magical March Book Sale

The Chronicles of Narnia

R E A D Y F O R A N E S C A P E?

Open the door to magic, and let yourself be swept away into the whimsical small town of Mystic Water where anything is possible and happy endings abound.

A L L E B O O K S O N S A L E!

Finding MayA promise, summer sun, lightning bugs & moonlight kisses.

Honeysuckle HollowA flood, a dilapidated historical mansion, an enchanted garden.

The Legend of James GreyAncient archives, a magical library, a handsome solider.

Wednesday's ChildChildhood best friends, a snowstorm, hot chocolate & forgiveness.

Don't miss this chance to exhale a deep sigh, get cozy, and let the quirky lovable characters in Mystic Water weave you into their magical adventures.

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