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Virtual Baking Class with Jennifer Moorman

Join Me!

Free Virtual Cooking Class

Live baking experience with recipes inspired by fiction.

December 11 at 11 AM Eastern.

Join me for a whimsical time of cooking through fiction where our baking experience happens live via Zoom from my kitchen and yours!

On December 11 we'll be baking Holiday Whoopie Pies, which are inspired by The Baker's Man, and you don't want to miss these treats.

Once you've signed up, you’ll receive an email with all the class information, the recipe, and a detailed list of ingredients and the quantities you'll need to make this recipe at home.

Come enjoy a FREE and fun cooking class where you’ll not only smile and laugh but you’ll also have a delicious treat to share with loved ones!

Adults & children (with supervision) are welcome! No previous cooking experience required!

Holiday Whoopie Pies

"Saturdays meant a hodgepodge of chocolate treats—chocolate peppermint cocoa, chocolate flavored coffees, éclairs, tarts, turtles, truffles, cookies, fudge, and mini cakes. Chocoholics came in on Saturdays just to indulge."

Let's Bake Together!


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