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Magical March Book Sale Part 2

R E A D Y F O R A N E S C A P E?

Step through this door magical door, and let yourself be whisked away into the whimsical small town of Mystic Water where anything is possible and happy endings are a definite.

The Baker's Man — Small-town baker, magical sparkling dust, a dough boy.

Little Blackbird — Premonitions, sugary funnel cakes & local fairs, young love.

Full Moon June — Late-night adventure, mysterious landmark, silvery moonlight.

Average April — Floodwaters, 3 dogs, 1 parakeet, 1 cat, 1 ornery neighbor in a rowboat.

Starry Sky July — Shooting stars, Look-Off Pointe, best-friend high school crushes.

Don't miss this chance to take an unforgettable adventure from the cozy comfort of your own space, and let the quirky lovable characters in Mystic Water weave you into their heartwarming lives.


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