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A Weekend in New York City

The Big Apple. The City of Dreams. Empire City. The City That Never Sleeps.

New York City!

After spending a weekend packed full of fun and adventure, I wanted to share a few excellent ways to spend your time and fill your belly in NYC.

A special thanks to the Mandarin Oriental, New York for giving every guest a copy of my novel Finding May! This luxury hotel is a must-see!


5 Awesome Adventurous to Take in NYC

1. Check into the Mandarin Oriental, New York and be prepared to be given the 5-Star treatment! From the staffs' generosity and kindness, to the stunning views from the guest rooms and the highly rated restaurant The Aviary, to the spa and classy shopping, to the hidden speakeasy, this luxury escape will add sparkle to your time in the city.

Central Park

2. Central Park is one of the most familiar places in New York City, and there's a reason why. It's gorgeous. It's quiet (seriously)! There are pockets of green space for everyone. Large expanses for picnics, winding water for boating, playgrounds, soccer fields, volleyball courts, a carousel, a chess house, dining, hiking, tree-lined paths for strolling...and more! Don't miss this adventure through nature tucked into a bustling city!

3. Go to breakfast at Barney Greengrass! You don't want to miss this place. It's cozy, friendly, and the food is outstanding. This deli has been around since 1908 with their smoked meat and freshly made bagels. Dining here felt like eating at my best friend's house, and if I lived in NYC, I'd be there every week. Pass the smoked salmon, please!

4. If you there's something romantic and magical about a winter village with ice skating, Nutella hot chocolate, warm baked goods, and holiday shopping, then the Winter Village is a perfect adventure for you! You can spend hours strolling through the vendor booths and noshing on doughnuts, baked pies, candied nuts, baos, nachos, and more! Don't miss out on the Nutella hot chocolate. It's as decadent as it sounds!

5. Walk everywhere. See everything. Turn your face to the sunshine. Appreciate the beauty of an urban environment. Taste all the foods. Smile at the people as they pass you by in a blur of colors. Find the magic hidden all throughout the city.


Do you have favorite things to do in NYC? I'd love to hear about them!

When are you planning your next trip?

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