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Marvelous May Giveaway

Who loves a giveaway?

In celebration of the release of my newest novel, Finding May, and because it's Marvelous May, YOU have a chance to win signed copies of my novels! Plus you'll receive all these awesome, fun (perhaps random) goodies!

There are only 4 things you have to do to enter:

1. Like this photo on Instagram (find me HERE)! 2. Follow along with me on Instagram! 3. Comment on the giveaway image with your favorite emoji! 4. Tag 2 friends you think would love this!

Entries Open Worldwide (only to countries open to US shipping) and open for Ages 16+! Entries count only once per person. Giveaway will close Monday, May 20, 2019! Winner will be announced the following day.

This is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or in association with Instagram. Basket for display purposes only. Not included in Giveaway.

Not on Instagram? I understand not everyone has an account. But you can still enter! Send me an email and tell me this: If your life were made into a movie, whom would you want to play YOU?

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