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Let's make your story shine!

There's a story inside of you! A story you know needs to be told. Now you’ve already finished your first draft, what's next? Whether you’ve published dozens of manuscripts or this is your very first book, you're ready to polish your creation and make it shine.

Let's talk about Developmental Editing!

Developmental editing is not the same as copy editing (which is a mechanical edit of grammar, spelling, and style). Developmental editing is also not proofreading (which is a scouring for details and minor imperfections, like typos, missing words, and other ways to finalize a manuscript).

Developmental editing helps you see and refine the big ideas, the overarching narrative craft, dialogue, storytelling, story structure, and ensuring the audience you're aiming for is the one you've written to.

Let's see if Developmental Editing is for you! Everyone from successfully published authors to novices benefit from developmental editing. Ask yourself:

  1. Have you given all you can to making sure your manuscript is as good as you can make it?

  2. Are you ready to revise intensely and trust the process of feedback?

  3. Are you ready to learn how to make your manuscript the very best it can be by trusting experience and expertise?

Special Note: A developmental edit isn’t a beta read. It's not a "simple clean-up" of your manuscript. It's also not intended as a way to receive a rave review without changing your manuscript at all.

Let's do this!

How do you get started & what's included? After we've discussed your goals for your book and its intended audience, I'll read your completed manuscript. I offer a thoughtful assessment of your entire project, what's working, what's not working, where you can expand, where you can revise, and more—all of which will be included in a detailed editorial letter. You also receive marked manuscript pages with comments throughout. If desired, you receive a phone consult to discuss in-depth content development and strategies to improve craft and increase effectiveness focused on you crafting the best manuscript possible.

starting at $5,500

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