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A Chocolate Boost

In the fictional small Southern town of Mystic Water, magic floats on the breeze, and nestled inside the cozy bakery, whimsy and enchantment are sprinkled into every treat. Cookies will fill you with warmth on a blustery winter day. Decadent pies will kindle your childlike wonder. Warm scents of melting sugar and warm dough straight from the oven will wrap you in memories full of nostalgia and love.

Mystic Water’s bakery invites you into its cheerful, sweet-filled shop and offers you a seat at the counter with its sparkling display cases and delightful desserts.

If irresistible treats are what you crave, this unbelievably rich and creamy Nutella Tart with Toasted Hazelnut Crust, inspired by The Baker's Man, is a stellar choice. Bakery patrons promise this simple, although quite extraordinary, pie will boost your spirits and lighten your steps.

This Cooking Through Fiction recipe is featured in Hope for Women Magazine's Winter Edition! Be sure to check it out! Recipe included in the link!


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