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Chicago Deep Dish

After asking my friends what foods they think of as being associated with Chicago, the #1 answer was deep dish pizza! Lou Malnati's to be specific.

Why Chicago? Remember I mentioned that the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago is gifting all their guests all month long with my magical realism novel The Baker's Man! How fantastic is that? Celebratory news, indeed. And what better way to celebrate than Chicago-style!

But this is no ordinary deep dish pizza. This is a FOOD IMPOSTER! This deep dish pizza is all cake and candy treats. A sweet delight to celebrate the goodness of Bedside Reading and the Waldorf Astoria Chicago who give readers magical reads in their rooms!

My deep dish pizza cake was created using The Kitchen’s @thekitchen basic recipe and tweaking for the products I had on hand. Starting with a yellow cake base, cream cheese frosting (dyed light brown for crust), strawberry jam (pizza sauce), @annieshomegrown Organic Cocoa Crispy Snack Bars (ground beef), LifeSavers Gummies (green peppers), @fruitrollups (pepperonis), @wiltons brown fondant (mushrooms), and @myfoodandfamily Baker’s white chocolate bar (shredded mozzarella).


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