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Cooking Through "The Baker's Man": Galaxy Cake

Anna O'Brien owns Bea's Bakery in Mystic Water. She cares about the bakery's patrons, and she makes special treats and pastries for them. With all the excitement over the solar eclipse, Anna wanted to do something special for me!

Nashville is on the direct path of the eclipse. Supposedly a million people might descend upon the city. The hotels are sold out, and people have been selling solar glasses on street corners.

What goes better with a rad pair of solar glasses? How about an awesome galaxy cake? Anna knows I love space and cake. This is the perfect treat to eat while wearing solar glasses and watching an incredible occurrence!

Galaxy Cake

Serves 12

Level of Difficulty: Challenging

How to Make

Due to the challenges of making this cake, a video tutorial is the best option! Nerdy Nummies has created loads of helpful, fun, and fantastic baking!

How to Eat

Best shared with friends during a solar eclipse (or anytime)!

The Baker's Man can be purchased in paperback or for the Kindle from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and other major retailers.

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