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Delight in a town where anything can happen—and usually does.

The Baker's Man Cover

The Baker's Man


What if you found a recipe for baking the perfect man? Would you use it?

Anna, a small-town Southern baker creates a man out of dough and her life turns upside down.

Little Blackbird Cover

Little Blackbird


What if you could see the future but you were not allowed to interfere?


Kate can see the future, but she is forbidden to alter what is to come. One vision changes her life forever.

Honeysuckle Hollow Cover

Honeysuckle Hollow


What if your heart's desire feels impulsive and illogical? Do you make the leap anyway?


Tessa receives a package containing keys to a dilapidated mansion. She drains her life savings and buys it.

Full Moon June Cover

Full Moon June


What if one magical night could change your life forever?


Moonlight finds twelve-year-olds Adam and Leilah taking an adven-ture through the forest with a mysterious past. 

The Legend of James Grey Cover

The Legend of James Grey


What if your favorite fictional character could be brought to life?


One night after the library has closed, Emma unexpectedly entangles herself in the long-held secrets of the library’s magic.

Average April Cover

Average April


What if you turned an average life into an extraordinary one?


Using a rickety rowboat, April saves a menagerie of animals, including a stranded neighbor, who helps her turn her life around.

Wednesday's Child Cover

Wednesday's Child


What if the one who broke your heart is the one who heals it?


Leilah, a nurse, brings peace and comfort to others. Adam returns to Leilah’s life, whether she wants him to or not. Can she trust him again?

Finding May Cover

Finding May


When is it okay to break a promise?


May has spent three decades keeping a promise. But when she learns that her first love is dying, she must break a promise or risk losing him forever.

Starry Sky July Cover

Starry Sky July


Can shooting stars reveal your true love?


Jude's secret crush, Maddie, is leaving for college. Will he find the courage to tell her the truth beneath a summer starry sky? 

Sweet Canary Jane Cover

Sweet Canary Jane


What's the recipe for a dream come true?


Jane dreams of opening a confec-tionery but ends up temporarily homeless in a new town. Trying to put her life back together, she leans on her magical treats to change her fate.⁣⁣ 

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