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Delight in a town where anything can happen—and usually does.

The Mystic Water series can be read in order or willy-nilly. Each book is a standalone, but you'll find
Easter eggs, like beloved character returns and magical elements connected with threads throughout.

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The Baker's Man

Book 1


In the Southern town of Mystic Water, magic is always in the wind—and in the ovens.

What if you found the recipe to bake the perfect man? Anna, a small-town Southern baker, creates a man out of dough and her life turns upside down.

The Necessity of Lavender Tea.png

The Necessity of Lavender Tea

Book 2


What if you could see the future but were warned not to interfere?


Kate can see the future, but she is forbidden to alter anything. A vision shows her that some rules need to be broken.

Honeysuckle Hollow.png

Mystic Water Series Book 3


What if your heart's desire feels impulsive and illogical? Do you make the leap anyway?


Tessa receives a package containing keys to a dilapidated mansion. She drains her life savings and buys it.

Full Moon June.png

Mystic Water Series Book 4


What if one magical night could change your life forever?


Moonlight finds twelve-year-olds Adam and Leilah taking an adven-ture through the forest with a mysterious past. 

The Legend of James Grey.png

Mystic Water Series Book 5


What if your favorite fictional character could be brought to life?


One night after the library has closed, Emma unexpectedly entangles herself in the long-held secrets of the library’s magic.

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Mystic Water Series Book 6


What if you turned an average life into an extraordinary one?


Using a rickety rowboat, April saves a menagerie of animals, including a stranded neighbor, who helps her turn her life around.

Wednesday's Child.png

Mystic Water Series Book 7


What if the one who broke your heart is the one who heals it?


Leilah, a nurse, brings peace and comfort to others. Adam returns to Leilah’s life, whether she wants him to or not. Can she trust him again?

Finding May.png

Mystic Water Series Book 8


When is it okay to break a promise?


May has spent three decades keeping a promise. But when she learns that her first love is dying, she must break a promise or risk losing him forever.

Starry Sky July.png

Mystic Water Series Book 9


Can shooting stars reveal your true love?


Jude's secret crush, Maddie, is leaving for college. Will he find the courage to tell her the truth beneath a summer starry sky? 

Sweet Canary Jane.png

Mystic Water Series Book 10


What's the recipe for a dream come true?


Jane dreams of opening a confec-tionery but ends up temporarily homeless in a new town. Trying to put her life back together, she leans on her magical treats to change her fate.⁣⁣ 

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