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The Baker's Man
Coming February 14, 2023

In the Southern town of Mystic Water, magic is always in the wind—and in the ovens.


Anna O’Brien inherited several gifts from her late Grandma Bea: culinary superpowers, a bakery in a charming Southern town, and a mysterious box with a note:


Open the box only when you need to. You’ll know exactly when you do, and you’ll know what to do with it. I love you.


The night her presumed fiancé crushes her dreams, Anna opens the box and finds “magic sugar” inside, along with a recipe to bake “the perfect man.” Encouraged by her best friend Lily (and maybe a wee bit too much rum), a heartbroken Anna sets out to do what she always does when she’s feeling blue: bake.


She hardly believes her eyes the next morning when a man—a breathing and rather handsome man—is in her bakery and seems to know all her likes and dislikes, her quirks and preferences. Elijah is everything Anna dreamed and nothing she expected. Where did he come from? Is he real? And when he fashions his own ideas about what makes a good life, can she let him go?


Escape into this whimsical and enchanting tale of magical realism and the spellbinding power of following your dreams as Anna discovers the sweetest side of life.

The Baker's Man Jennifer Moorman

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Runs November 14 through December 14

Theme: For the Creative in You

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For Anna, having an apron and oven mitts is vital in the kitchen, but aprons are also a special reminder of her Grandma Bea. For this first month's giveaway, I hope these gifts add something extra special to your baking time and are a sweet reminder of the simple, yet meaningful moments in life.

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