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Can You Spot It?

Can you spot it?

The Legend of James Grey is a book in the Mystic Water series that I think you'll love (especially if you love libraries). Slumber party in the library, anyone?!

The Mystic Water series is a magical realism series set in the small, Southern town of Mystic Water. Quirky, lovable, enchanting characters invite you into their lives where magic floats on every breeze and anything can happen. The Mystic Water series encourages you to believe in your dreams, follow your heart, and trust in the wonder of the extraordinary. These novels inspire magic, hope, and fabulous treats!

There's also a Mystic Water Book Club! This month we're reading The Legend of James Grey, and our club chat is coming soon. Don't miss out!

Book Teaser: What if your favorite fictional character could be brought to life? One night after the library has closed, Emma Chase hears voices coming from the archives section, and she unexpectedly entangles herself in the long-held secrets of the library’s magic.

Click the banner above, and join the book club today!


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