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Authorpreneur Mastermind

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Have you ever thought about becoming an author? Then guess what? You’re also an entrepreneur! 


Join us for the Authorpreneur Mastermind, a transformative 6-week program designed to accelerate your path toward author life.

WHAT it is:

Join our 6-week Authorpreneur Mastermind and gain invaluable insights into:

  • Setting clear, intentional author goals

  • Establishing a strong author platform and business model

  • Mastering solid marketing and bestseller launch strategies

  • Learning the process and path to publication YOUR way

WHO it's for:

Being an author sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you’ve ever dreamed of writing the great American novel or need a nonfiction book to validate your business, this Mastermind is for you. Launching a successful career as an author is about so much more than just writing books. It’s about understanding your own goals, making a healthy living, and building a career that lasts.

WHY you need this:

You don’t know what you don’t know, and as bestselling authors and coaches, we want to share our wins, our failures, our mistakes, and our learnings with YOU so that you can thrive right from the start.

WHAT you get:

  • 6 1-hour coaching calls with 2 bestselling authors and industry experts

  • A clearly defined roadmap for your entire author journey—whether you're just starting out or are ready to publish

  • Digestible information on goal setting, publication paths, and fiction and nonfiction protocols

  • A tailored, bestselling marketing strategy to get your book into the world . . . your way

  • Direct insight on how to set up your authorpreneur business

  • Downloadables, freebies, cheat sheets, community prompts, tailored feedback, and helpful guides for your publishing journey

Meet the Teachers

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Rea Frey is the award-winning, #1 bestselling author of several nonfiction books and suspense, thriller, and contemporary fiction novels.

Growing up, Rea believed the false story that writing was a hobby; it wasn’t a job. But she's always liked a challenge.

After a “publishing experience gone bad” for her first novel, she decided to learn everything she could about the publishing industry. And along the way, she decided to share her knowledge with authors, in hopes that they too could go into this world with eyes wide open and pick the right publication path for them.

To date, Rea has helped hundreds of first-time authors, public figures, and celebrities get clear on their goals and launch their bestselling books into the world.

Jennifer Moorman writes enchanting novels inspired by the everyday magic and whimsy in the world around her. She is the bestselling author of the magical realism Mystic Water Series, The Baker’s Man, and The Magic All Around.


As a long-time senior editor for Harper Collins, Jennifer has coached hundreds of authors, both first-timers and well-established, acting as a guide who helps them craft a book from concept to completion.


When she’s not writing or working with authors, you can find her testing a new recipe, chasing rainbows, or stargazing. She lives in a magic house in Nashville, Tennessee. 


The Schedule:

Week 1: Set Your Authorpreneurial Goals

Week 2: Setting Up Your Authorpreneurial Business

Week 3: Creation Process

Week 4: Editing Phase and Freelance Collaboration

Week 5: Launch Plan Strategies

Week 6: Aftercare and Sustainable Promotion

The Commitment:

April 16–May 24


6 1-hour live Zoom coaching calls per week


Weekly “funwork”

The Price:


Total Mastermind Value:



Join Now for 1 Payment:


Are you ready to launch your career as an Authorpreneur?

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