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A magical realism author, a self-taught baker, and a dreamer, taking you on whimsical adventures that will ignite your imagination and fill your heart with magic.

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Sweet Canary Jane

What's the recipe for a dream come true?
A disheartened pastry chef dreams of opening a confectionery but ends up temporarily homeless, jobless, and loveless in a new town. In a last-chance effort to put her life back together, she leans on her magical confections to change her fate.⁣⁣ 
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Finding May


When is it okay to break a promise?

Thirty years ago, Dr. Oliver Bisset’s marriage collapsed, his kids faced a future with dysfunctional parents, and he’d given up on love and happy endings. Then May MacAdams showed up in Mystic Water, bringing hope and beauty like a cotton candy–colored sunrise. May vowed to be Oliver’s friend only, but with a town full of lightning bugs, laughter, and magical, southern summer nights, May and Oliver tumbled headfirst into a love affair.


Now sixty years old and recently widowed, May MacAdams Wilson has spent the last three decades keeping a promise never to return to Mystic Water. But when May learns that Oliver is dying, she must decide whether to break that promise or risk never getting to say good-bye to her first love.


Finding May takes you on a journey of first loves, intense summer sun, moonlight kisses, and learning how to let go.

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The Baker's Man




Would you like to hear a sweet romance? Do you love small town, whimsical stories? What about listening to descriptions about baked treats that will drift through your dreams?


How would you like all of those and more? I could get on board with that, couldn't you?!


Don't wait another second! Let The Baker's Man audiobook whisk you away to the lovely, southern town of Mystic Water.


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Your Sweet Adventure Awaits!

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