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A magical realism author, a self-taught baker, and a dreamer, taking you on whimsical adventures that will ignite your imagination and fill your heart with magic.


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Will Nina learn the truth about the forest magic and the power of love?

A magical retelling of the Mi’kmaq legend Muin, the Bear’s ChildWhen Nina is trapped and left to die in the Cave of Madness, she must find a way to survive. Nina uses her wit, kindness, and wildness to make a new life for herself among the forest animals who love her.

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What's New in Mystic Water?!
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The Baker's Man




Would you like to hear a sweet romance? Do you love small town, whimsical stories? What about listening to descriptions about baked treats that will drift through your dreams?


How would you like all of those and more? I could get on board with that, couldn't you?!


Don't wait another second! Let The Baker's Man audiobook whisk you away to the lovely, southern town of Mystic Water.


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Your Sweet Adventure Awaits!

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Sweet Canary Jane




Would you like to hear a hopeful romance? Do you love chocolate and stories about following your dreams?


Don't miss out on a heartfelt, inspiring novel about overcoming your past and believing in the goodness of your future! Let Sweet Canary Jane audiobook carry you away to the magical, southern town of Mystic Water.


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More Sweet Adventure Await!

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