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Jennifer Moorman

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Jennifer Moorman is the bestselling author of the magical realism Mystic Water Series, which includes reader favorite The Baker's Man.


Born and raised in southern Georgia, where honeysuckle grows wild and the whippoorwills sing, Jennifer starting writing in elementary school, crafting epic tales of adventure and love and magic. She wrote stories in Mead notebooks, on printer paper, on napkins, on the soles of her shoes.


Her blog is full of dishes inspired by fiction, and she hosts baking classes showcasing these recipes. Jennifer considers herself a traveler, a baker, and a dreamer. She can always be won over with chocolate, unicorns, or rainbows. She believes in love—everlasting and forever.

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5 Fun Facts!

  • I toured the US as a singer-songwriter for 5 years with a full band.

  • I bungee jumped when I was 15 without my parents' permission, and it was terrifying.

  • I have a terrible English accent, but I still like to use it sometimes. Cheerio!

  • I watch the movie Clue on my birthday every year. Why? I dunno, but I love it, and it still makes me laugh.

  • I sometimes dream in foreign languages.


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